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Alternative Mental Health Treatment Center in Houston

Transform Your Life with a Healthier Brain

We offer alternative, drug-free, and FDA-cleared treatments for ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, and more. You deserve healing, which is why we deliver innovative solutions with compassion and care.

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Traditional Mental Healthcare Doesn’t Work for Everyone

You've tried medication and therapy, but you aren’t seeing the improvements you’ve hoped for. You may even think you’re out of options. At Unique Mind Care, we believe you shouldn't have to settle for feeling any less than your very best. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped Houstonians like you experience a better quality of life through evidence-based brain health treatments that don’t require drugs.

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Our Services

Brain Mapping

A complete evaluation of the functional health of the brain is used to design personalized treatment plans.

Brain Health Testing

Focus on the brain body connection by testing the health systems in the body that contribute to imbalances in the brain.

Auditory & Visual Testing

Provides additional data on the functional health of the brain.


Resets networks in the brain associated with Anxiety, Depression and other related brain health issues.

LORETA Neurofeedback

Will help the brain to build and develop networks associated with brain function and health.

Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment

Chemicals that allow the brain to communicate and function by transmitting electrical signals.


Our open dialogue approach can help you identify and resolve life issues from the past in a healthy way so that you can enjoy today to its fullest.

The Unique Mind Care Difference

At Unique Mind Care, our neurotherapy programs are based on clinical evidence, advancements in technology, and a desire to help improve the quality of life for all patients. We have decades of experience developing in-house protocols that resets and retrains brain function without any drugs or medications. All our treatments are safe, effective, and free of any side effects. All technology at Unique Mind Care is cleared for treatment by the FDA. The entire clinical team is trained and certified at the highest level with a focus on patient care, safety and a positive treatment experience.

We understand that the brain has two systems, electrical and chemical. To provide a safe and effective drug-free treatment protocol, testing and treatment of these two systems in the brain provides a safe and long-lasting recovery from all mental health issues in adults and children.

Our Approach to Patient Care

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