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The brain-body connection is key to understanding health issues associated with your brain. At Unique Mind Care, we seek to treat a wide range of mental health conditions with personalized treatment plans that are drug-free and informed by decades of clinical experience.

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Have you ever wondered if the key to your improved brain health is within other functional areas of your body? So much of what we experience physically, such as symptoms of anxiety or depression, can stem from an imbalance in the brain. After years of research on the brain-body connection, we have created testing protocols to identify issues in the body that can affect the brain’s natural chemical balance.

How We Approach Brain Health Testing

Brain health testing is the process in which we examine the brain-body connection to understand how issues in one can impact the other. Mental health challenges are caused by chemical and electrical imbalances in the brain, which is why we focus on all the systems in your body that contribute to those imbalances. For example, since most neurotransmitters travel through the gut, we frequently investigate issues or imbalances in the intestinal area.

At Unique Mind Care, we treat the underlying cause of a mental health disorder instead of managing the symptoms. Our brain health testing protocols help us assess each patient’s unique needs, enabling us to create a treatment plan that is as precise as they deserve. After testing is completed, we provide recommendations on supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Recommended Brain Health Testing at Unique Mind Care

Because different parts of the body affect the brain in varied ways, we offer a range of brain health assessments at Unique MindCare. These include:

  • Neurotransmitter testing of the chemical system in your brain
  • 3D QEEG Brain mapping
  • Auditory and visual processing exams
  • Micronutrient testing for cellular health
  • Food Sensitivity testing that allows us to reduce inflammation in the gut
  • Adrenal testing that evaluates cortisol levels
  • MTHFR testing of Methyl Folate
  • Heavy Metals testing

What This Means for You

Brain health testing is a critical part of how we develop personalized treatment plans. By improving the health of the brain/body connections, we can better address the underlying causes in the brain that result in anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other conditions. The testing is part of our intake process which includes a complete clinical review of other diagnostic exams, including two QEEG brain maps that demonstrate the dysregulated or otherwise unbalanced parts of the brain.

All the testing and review are completed in-house by our experienced Neuroscientists at the direction of Dr. Nancy White, a pioneer and recognized leader in Applied Neuroscience.

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