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Unique Mind Care is Houston’s Premier Brain Health Center


Backed by science, our mental health treatments address issues at their root cause: the brain.

Located in Houston, Texas, Unique Mind Care is the industry leader in completely medication-free, holistic scientific brain health treatment options for adults and children. We offer FDA-cleared, alternative, and clinically informed therapies for a wide range of mental health disorders, including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and OCD. These issues are frequently the result of imbalances in the brain’s electrical and chemical communication systems, which is why we use advanced, in-house technology and non-invasive techniques to test, diagnose and then create personalized treatment plans for all our patients.

With decades of experience treating mental health conditions without drugs, our team at Unique Mind Care has developed techniques that help to restore the brain system to health and optimal function. What we provide is far beyond what you’ll find in other clinics or talk therapy settings. We seek to understand the underlying causes of what you’re experiencing. Then we help you find relief with our signature blend of advanced technologies and proprietary treatment protocols to address the issues in your brain.

By treating conditions at their root cause and not just the symptoms, we believe our evidence-based clinical model and dedication to compassionate care in a safe and nurturing environment makes us the better choice for alternative mental and brain healthcare in Houston.

When you’re ready to improve your mental health without using drugs or conventional treatment options, we’re here for you.

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