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Brain mapping, or Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG), measures and visualizes the electrical activity in your brain, providing a clear picture of your functional brain health. At Unique Mind Care, we use state-of-the-art brain mapping technology to design clinically informed and personalized treatment protocols for our patients in Houston. All testing, QEEG and mapping at Unique Mind Care is processed in house by our clinical staff, resulting in accurate reports that are individually analyzed to develop personalized treatment protocols.

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As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. On your journey to better brain health, brain mapping lights the way. Brain mapping provides unmatched insights into your thought patterns, stress levels, and more. With this information in hand, we can deliver superior care enlightened by individualized data that is unique to you.

What is Brain Mapping?

Your brain’s health is key to your emotional well-being, but understanding the root cause of any mood disorder can be difficult. That’s where brain mapping comes in. This diagnostic tool measures brain waves to determine the areas of your brain with low or high activity, effectively providing a “weather map” of your brain. The process can also answer questions that have never been uncovered, such as the source of issues ranging from ADHD to extreme mental illness.

Our Approach to Brain Mapping

A detailed in-house testing protocol that includes two types of brain mapping is what sets Unique Mind Care apart from all other clinics in the Houston area. All testing and reports are analyzed and developed in-house, meaning we never provide a “one size fits all” report or treatment recommendation. Our diagnostic testing relies on several procedures, including Brain Mapping, to analyze and measure brainwave activity.

We also test and evaluate neurotransmitter chemical imbalances in the brain during our diagnostic testing and treatment process. After Neurotransmitter testing, we design treatment protocols using all natural supplements and amino acids to correct all chemical imbalances without the use of any pharmaceutical medication.

Because of the impactful data we provide, all our testing, including brain mapping, provide critical tools for identifying areas of the brain that need improvement and healing.

Who Needs Brain Mapping?

Anyone with a mood disorder should consider having their brains tested and mapped. Testing and Brain Mapping conducted by a licensed neurotherapist with experience in brain health, will provide an effective step in understanding and treating ADHD, impulsive patterns of behavior, emotional management issues, and difficulties with general cognition. QEEG data and Neurotransmitter testing can provide needed insight on:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • OCD

Our Brain Mapping Process

Brain mapping and proprietary brain health testing is integral to our patient intake process. In your first appointment, we’ll conduct a battery of tests including symptom review, auditory-visual processing and our advanced QEEG analysis. We then analyze all the data we acquire during testing and prepare extensive reports. During your second appointment, you will have a consultation with our doctor to present our findings to you along with personalized treatment options based on your results.

All of our brain map testing, artifacting, and report writing are done in-house to ensure the most accurate clinical interpretation.

The images shown are actual measurements of brain activity in patients. The top of the round images represents the front of the brain, with the view being toward the top of the head. A complete brain map report consists of approximately 35 pages of various frequency assessments of your brain.

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