Mark White



Mark White, a successful Entrepreneur and Business Consultant for over 20 years, specializes in creating financial stability with efficient management and distribution systems supported with brand relationships.

In 2008, Mark began focusing his business interests on the evolving healthcare industry; specifically, the void inefficacious mental health treatment. Mark realized this void would be filled with emerging technologies that concentrated on the health of the brain; began directing his efforts on understanding all aspects of this new industry and its divergence from current healthcare models.

In 2009, Mark created IIcom Strategic Inc. (IIcom) a consulting and acquisition group specializing in health care technology distribution models at the clinical level. The first project of IIcom was the creation of a brain health center named “Unique Mind Care” in Houston, Texas. Mark’s team has developed a reputation for successfully designing and introducing effective and innovative healthcare clinic models utilizing EEG and Neurostimulation treatments and diagnostics.

Mark White is an experienced and well-respected international trainer and presenter on the subject of “Brain-Based Health” and “Brain-Based Recovery”, he is also considered a thought leader in the application of brain stimulation in addiction treatment. Mark has made appearances on prominent news programs and web-media casts, promoting the efficacy of electrical brain stimulation as a form of drug-free treatment for various health issues.

Mark’s recent creation of clinical models utilizing the new Nexalin Technology and Neurotherapy has positioned Unique Mindcare as the forerunner nationally for all consulting aspects related to the use of these two therapies in a clinical application. Furthermore, iiCOM Strategic LLC, UMC’s sister-division, is an expert at tailoring proposed Nexalin Technology clinical models for equipment installation and training, as well as post-implementation support.

Client Services

Nina Coplin

Nina Coplin has worked with Dr. White as Office Manager since 2003. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics and over ten years of experience in Program Development, Marketing, and Executive Support. Nina has worked in both the public and private sectors including a grassroots program that won a UNESCO award. She has served in committees convened by international agencies such as the United Nations and the International Labour Organization.

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