Helps the brain to develop or rebuild neural pathways that improve focus and concentration. 

It is a proven form of brain exercise enabling you to retrain resources and brainwaves that will improve memory, concentration and focus.  Create positive and long-lasting changes in adults and children with this innovative treament.

Get the most out of your life. All it takes is a little brain training. At Unique Mindcare we use Neurofeedback training to unlock your potential and turn your dreams into reality. All it takes is a healthy brain and body.

electric_brain_stimulationIf you are 10 years old or 40 years old, your brain is your key to a healthy, balanced and successful life.  At Unique Mindcare we believe a balanced healthy brain will help you unlock true potential and turn dreams into reality.  Your brain is “mission control” for all activities that you perform in any given moment. A healthy mind is the reason you embrace each new day with excitement and passion. This mindset is the driving force behind Unique Mindcare’s desire to help all of our clients perform optimally in all areas of their life. We focus our attention on the brain body system to accomplish these goals.

Neurofeedback is our innovative, non-drug treatment using EEG Neurofeedback to create positive, lasting changes in adults and children. Neurofeedback therapy is a natural, non-invasive, medication-free process designed to improve brain function and propel peak performance. It is a proven form of brain exercise that enables you to retrain and rebalance your brain wave patterns. This rebalancing and restoration of resources in the brain will help to improve memory, relieve everyday stress and enhance energy levels. It trains your brain to be calm, alert, and flexible. It allows the brain to process information at a higher rate of coherence that will help patients cope with life struggles more effectively.

Through the use of non-invasive leading edge computer technology, Neurofeedback therapy monitors brainwave activity critical in stimulating healthy brain performance. The computer provides instant brainwave feedback to you through video images, sound, or both. The information that is fed back to you is EEG (electroencephalogram) data of brainwaves that is collected through sensors placed on the head. The feedback tells you to produce more or less of certain types of necessary brainwaves, encouraging your brain to behave in a certain way – literally it is retraining the brain to think and function at a more efficient level.

brain map3At Unique Mindcare, we will create personal Neurofeedback protocols based on the data we collect during a QEEG test, also called “Brain Mapping”. Results of this Brian Map are compiled and compared with a life span database containing brainwave patterns of normal individuals the same age as the patient. This report indicates the specific areas of the brain that need treatment to achieve balance. This brain map is critical in determining the appropriate treatment area in the brain. Our protocols are like a customized exercise therapy for your brain similar to following a custom exercise program for your body at the gym. We observe your brain in action from moment to moment by monitoring your brain waves with our computer technology. We will then show your brain what activity to perform to achieve optimum performance.

During the treatment session you will hear sounds and tones and occasionally receive visual feedback in the form of animations, puzzles, and video graphics when the brain behaves as coached. Your brain will practice this desired behavior and over time it will gradually develop the ability to maintain that behavior by itself.

Neurofeedback is training the brain to self-regulate. Good self-regulation is necessary for optimal brain function. Optimal function will then support optimal brain behavior. This then enhances the overall function of the central nervous system that will result in improvements in overall mental performance, emotional management and mood stability

At Unique Mindcare we focus on the bioelectrical functioning of the brain as well as the chemical imbalance in the brain. We believe both are equally important. All of our treatments are causal based and will balance all systems necessary for a healthy brain network and healthy body.


Neurofeedback therapy has been around for a long time.

Neurofeedback therapy has now been studied for over 40 years, and many of its clinical applications have been identified for decades. It is also highly effective in treating alcoholism and drug abuse,anxiety, depression and PTSD. Neurofeedback is not yet taught in most medical schools or psychology programs. Many professional practitioners are unaware of the power of this treatment.

At Unique Mindcare we are dedicated to informing the patient population of this drug free alternative treatment for children and adults.

If you are currently suffering from a mood disorder or you are looking for technique to achieve a higher level of performance and health, call Unique Mindcare and learn about our Neurofeedback programs.