If your world is clouded by depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping or a distressing inability to focus on what has to be done, Unique Mindcare can help. Our medication-free treatments help restore and optimize those brain and bodily functions that support your ability to perform well in many important areas of your life.

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As with adults, stress in a child’s world can lead to depression and anxiety, especially when attention issues are involved. Our innovative treatments can help your child regain the physical and emotional balance that allows him/her to concentrate more easily, focus longer, perform more consistently and feel better about him/herself.

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Nexalin Therapy

Promotes a healthy brain/body balance by helping reset brain centers that control mood and sleep.

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Helps the brain develop or rebuild neural pathways that improve focus and concentration.

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Functional Health

Identify and correct all physical or dietary issues that can relate to the problems of brain function.

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Life Counseling

Overcome challenges, gain better perspectives and assertively live “life on life’s terms.”

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Unique Mindcare Houston Texas specializes in drug free treatments of Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD.