At Unique Mindcare we can get help you find and get what you really want out of life in a healthy way.


All of us want to feel good about ourselves and about everyone around us each and every day. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way.  Some of us struggle with unhappy spouses or partners, unreasonable kids and coworkers, demanding bosses more work for less pay, not enough money and unforeseen crises from time to time. It seems like the end of the world when it happens and all we want to do is crawl away and hide.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to in a relaxing environment and help you see that things are manageable and will work out right.

We understand this at Unique Mindcare. Our open dialogue approach to personal therapy can help you identify and resolve life issues from the past in a healthy way so that you can today to its fullest.

At Unique Mindcare, counseling is tailored to fit your individual needs.  Our treatment modalities typically cover the range of supportive, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches. We focus on stabilization and helping our patients return to their normal functioning.

Our holistic attitude toward counseling is that your mind, body and spirit all contribute to your sense of well being. When they exist in harmony then you are free to restore and enhance enjoyment of your life.

We listen to the nuances and complexities of your particular situation to gain a complete understanding of your needs and wants. Our counselors work very closely with you to make changes happen for the better.

Unique Mindcare doctors and counselors have been helping patients for over thirty years. We know that when you visit a counselor, you want someone who has been in practice long enough to have dealt many times with circumstances similar to yours, and yet is willing to take into account your own unique situation, tailoring the treatment directly to your needs. Whether you want to manage your stress, overcome fears, defeat panic, reduce anxiety or minimize depression, we can listen to your particular needs and design a program specifically for you.

For more information regarding our approach to helping children and teens heal and grow, contact Unique Mindcare today.