9 07, 2019

5 Ways ADHD Is Different For Women Compared To Men

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often understood as a 'boy's disease', as [...]

4 07, 2019

Living with ADHD: Tips for Managing Distractions

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Living with ADHD is something that’s informed every aspect of how I approach [...]

2 05, 2019

ADHD in Children

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What Is It? Does your child find it hard to focus? Kids with [...]

26 04, 2019

Some ADHD meds may increase risk of psychosis, study finds

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A new study sheds light on a rare but potentially dangerous risk of [...]

18 04, 2019

Tips for Managing Adult ADHD

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If you have ADHD, everything from paying the bills on time to keeping [...]

2 04, 2019

ADHD and Stress

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Does ADHD cause stress? Can stress cause ADHD? Is living with ADHD just a vicious cycle? How [...]

14 03, 2019

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)

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An attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a weakness in the brain's ability to focus on [...]

22 11, 2018

ADHD in Children

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It’s normal for children to occasionally forget their homework, daydream during class, act [...]

1 11, 2018

Tips to Help Adults Working With ADD/ADHD

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Work can cause many frustrations for those with ADD/ADHD. Finding effective strategies to help [...]

11 09, 2018

12 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

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Originally found on healthharvard.edu Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes [...]