Do you suffer from PTSD after facing a shocking, or dangerous event? PTSD is the mental or physical response to these events during and after the event takes place. If you are living with this trauma, you know that impact is life-altering and debilitating. 

While trauma as it affects the brain is usually treated with medication, we believe that before any kind of treatment, you have to understand the origin of the trauma. Is it emotional? Is it physical? Both kinds of trauma have similar symptoms which affect the overall health of the brain and can be treated by improving electrical or chemical imbalances in the brain. 

TBI (or Traumatic Brain Injury) is a severe impact event that can affect the brain’s ability to process normal life events in a healthy manner. TBI can be devastating to the patient and to the family, and the impact of the injury can have a life-changing impact on personality, cognition, and general mood control. Sometimes the symptoms will appear immediately and other times they may not appear for several weeks or months.

PTSD and TBI are two of the most difficult brain conditions to diagnose. Despite this they can be treated by focusing on the functional issues that have resulted from the injury. Medication may treat the symptoms, but it very rarely treats the cause.

If you are looking for a drug-free solution for PTSD or TBI symptoms, whether your symptoms have been caused by emotional or physical pain, you are in the right place. All Unique MindCare client treatment begins with extensive testing to identify the specific traumatic event and its impact on the brain. After testing and symptom evaluation, a complete personalized treatment plan is developed. During treatment, the baseline testing protocol is repeated to monitor the healing process the client will experience.


At UMC we are dedicated to understanding all aspects of these conditions. Our treatments are designed to reset and restore functional health to the brain so patients living with PTSD or TBI can have the best quality of life possible.


You aren’t defined by your PTSD or TBI.

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