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We do things differently here.

Located in Houston, Texas, Unique MindCare is the industry leader in completely DRUG-FREE, holistic brain health treatment options for families and children. 

We are committed to patient outcomes that rock your world for the better, with FDA-cleared, non-invasive, drug-free brain health treatments. The vision that has guided us every step of the way is the desire to offer our clients the opportunity to understand how a healthy brain works with empathy and compassion.  

We utilize cutting edge, non-invasive techniques to test and then design treatment programs that can restore the brain system to health, and optimal function.

Mental issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog, memory, and other related conditions like alcohol abuse are frequently the result of imbalances in the brain’s electrical and chemical communication systems, and reversing the issues often means reversing the imbalances.

Unique Mind Care has developed techniques that provide our clients with a clear understanding of the underlying cause of the issues and the treatments available to help them find relief, made up of our signature blend of technology, therapy, functional health testing, and nutrition advice to holistically address issues in the brain.

All treatment protocols are based on the individual’s testing and reported symptoms, personalized so intimately to your own struggles and test results.  Until recently, many brain conditions and symptoms were only treated with medications, often interfering with the brain’s natural health and can cause many unpleasant side effects. Now there are DRUG-FREE treatment options available to people like you who may suffer from declining brain health, and we are proud to offer them to you.

What we offer is beyond what you’ll find in a talk therapy clinic or social worker environment. There is no “doctor in a box” here; rather, what you’ll find at Unique MindCare is the cutting edge of all brain health treatment and therapies.

We have spent decades developing our clinical model to ensure that we are the industry leader in the city that provided the best treatment outcomes available and provided a safe, nurturing environment for all adults, children, and their families. 

This is our promise to you, and we will never back down. This is what we’re proud to be known for, and this is what we are proud to dedicate our lives to.

Unique MindCare is proud to offer a better choice in the brain health community.

Mark White
Unique Mind Care

Dr Nancy White

Nancy White
Clinical Director
Unique Mind Care