The Primary organ in the human body is the brain which contains over 100 billion specialized cells. These cells communicate with 2 systems, electrical and chemical. A disruption in either of these 2 systems can create imbalances which can contribute to any or all of the reported systems of the client. The chemical system is comprised of chemical messengers known as Neurotransmitters. Your brain uses these messengers to communicate all necessary information within the nervous system and the body. These transmitters are important in stabilizing energy, metabolism, mood, sleep, concentration and overall brain health and function. A large amount of data confirms that neurotransmitter systems may be dysfunctional in most situations related to brain health.

At Unique Mind Care we believe that evaluating the electrical activity through our qEEG Brain Map is very important. Additional emphasis is also placed on Neurotransmitter testing to identify any imbalance in these communicators. Their ability to function correctly is directly dependent on the homeostatic balance of all the chemical communicators. All of our neurotransmitter testing is evidence based and scientifically validated. After transmitter testing is performed and imbalances are recognized, Unique Mind Care Doctors will design various natural support protocols using amino acids that will stimulate the re-balancing of these vital chemical messengers. Over the years our Doctors have become experts in interpreting the complex issues associated with testing and normalizing neurotransmitters without medication or any adverse side effects.

Sample Neurotransmitter test:



The following patient symptoms may indicate neurotransmitter imbalances:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiousness
  • Depression
  • Low mood and irritability
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Changes in appetite and sudden weight loss/gain
  • Adrenal depletion
  • Poor mental performance, including issues with memory,
  • Attention issues and inability to concentrate
  • Inability to enjoy favorite activities