“This ability to blend technologies and create customized treatment plans
positions Unique Mind care as Houston’s leader in Brain Health”
~ Mark White

NeuroField is an innovative pulsed magnetic stimulation technology that can produce specific levels of frequency that communicate with the brain to address symptoms the client may be experiencing. More specifically, NeuroField is a non-invasive, low-intensity pulsed magnetic (pEMF) stimulator, for enhancing therapeutic effect and amplifying the brain’s ability to heal itself.

The NeuroField is used as a component of a brain-based treatment model, that is designed after a complete qEEG “Brain Map” and other processing tests are performed. After the clinical needs of the client are determined, the Doctors will design a personal protocol that will usually include the NeuroField. These protocols will affect the area of the brain associated with the presenting symptoms. Each stimulation protocol at Unique Mind Care is designed to complement all our brain health treatments, including various types of Neurofeedback. Unique Mind Care uses a blend of treatments to insure the clinical outcomes are successful for all our clients.

NeuroField is designed to stabilize and reset networks in the brain that are associated with the underlying cause of the symptoms. Most clients report an increase in energy and mental clarity after a NeuroField session. With this increase in energy and clarity, the brain can accelerate and enhance the recovery process.

The NeuroField stimulation is undetectable to the human body, allowing the client to relax during treatment and enjoy the immediate benefits. As the output of NeuroField is so gentle, it is possible to give pulsed EMF stimulation at a more efficient therapeutic frequency without the discomfort associated with other Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators also known as rTMS.