What is NeuroField?

NeuroField is an innovative, pulsed magnetic stimulation technology that addresses adverse mental health symptoms by producing specific levels of frequency that communicate with the brain. It is a non-invasive, low-intensity pulsed magnetic (pEMF) stimulator that amplifies your brain’s ability to heal itself, giving you a better quality of life.

NeuroField is used as a component of a brain-based treatment model, designed after a complete qEEG “Brain Map” and other processing tests are performed. 

Our process

A treatment created to stabilize and reset networks in your brain that are associated with the underlying cause of whatever symptoms you may be experiencing, Neurofield helps the brain increase natural energy and clarity, which it uses to accelerate and enhance the recovery process. The NeuroField stimulation is undetectable to the human body, allowing the client to relax during treatment and enjoy the immediate benefits. 

After your clinical needs are determined based on the symptoms you display and testing results received, you’ll receive a personal protocol that will usually include NeuroField, designed to complement all our brain health treatments and give you the best results possible.

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