At Unique Mindcare we are committed to developing programs that balance the mind and body. Our unique modern functional health approach addresses all the underlying causes or disturbances that interrupt a normal and healthy life style. Our state of the art facility and innovative medication free focus on health and wellness is the only one of its kind in the city.

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We’re unique. Our state of the art facility and innovative medication free approach to health and wellness is the only one of its kind in the city. And we have the endorsement of such world renowned wellness experts as Doctor Sandra Rose Michael and Houston’s own Doctor John Demartini. Our goal is to support Houston as a world leader in medicine and to make our city a recognized global center for holistic health and wellness.

At Unique Mindcare we are committed to developing and teaching wellness programs to enhance your life while decreasing your dependency on pills. We are dedicated to addressing all of life’s issues with a modern functional health approach. At Unique Mindcare, we do things naturally. We begin by restoring and retraining the resources in your brain and body that drive optimum performance in all areas of your life. If you are looking for a way to improve any aspect of your life without medication, we encourage you to take some time to review this website and learn more about the opportunities we offer at Unique Mindcare. We help your children feel better about themselves, get along better with others and perform consistently at their peak level. We promote balance in the mind and body during their developmental years without medication. We help children and their families gain control over negative emotions related to stress and anxiety. We believe confident adults and children are more alert, and have higher expectations for their success. We help provide a sense of believing in themselves.

Doctor Nancy White, founder of Unique Mindcare has been doing this for over thirty years with excellent results. She is a native of Houston and she is a pioneer and a recognized leader in the field of Applied Neuroscience.

We team up with world renowned experts in wellness management. Experts like Doctor John Demartini of the Demartini Institute and Doctor Rose Michael of Energy Enhancement Systems. Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development and a star of the acclaimed global phenomenom, the Secret. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development. His trademarked methodologies, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination, are the culmination of 39 years of cross-disciplinary research and study. His work has been incorporated into human development industries across the world. For over 15 years Doctor Sandra Rose Michael has worked with leading scientists, physicists, physicians and world leaders in developing a bio-scalar technology designed to increase cellular energy and homeostasis, increase optimal transmembrane potential and promote healthy cells and organs to help us live longer healthier lives without medication.We team up with great companies like Nexalin Technology and Brainpaint. Nexalin provides a natural frequency that will promote balance in the brain by normalizing neurochemistry. This unique therapy will restore resources that enhance brain performance. The effect is long lasting and is FDA approved. The Nexalin experience is a soothing and calming way to reset your life and get the most out of every day. Brainpaint is a leading edge technology that focuses on neurofeedback, a process that provides feedback on brain activity to retrain and balance functional brain wave patterns. It is a proven form of brain exercise enabling you to retrain resources and brainwaves that will improve memory, concentration and focus.

Create positive and long lasting changes in adults and children with this innovative treament. Both treatments achieve amazing results without the dependency on medication.


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Dr Nancy White Dr Dorothy Merritt
Dr John Demartini Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Doctors Nancy White and Dorothy Merritt
, Unique Mindcare

Doctor John Demartini, The Demartini Institute

Doctor Sandra Rose Michael, Energy Enhancement System


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It’s all in her mind – and body

by Ann C. Fisher | April 24, 2012 4:08 pm


Dr. Nancy White, is the Clinical Director of Unique Mindcare, a licensed psychologist, licensed professional counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist, among other certifications.

Take one look at Dr. Nancy White’s photo and it’s not hard to see that she takes her own advice about wellness and health.

“I believe everything being natural and focus on the whole person,” said White, who lives in Memorial and is the Clinical Director of Unique Mindcare.

White was born and brought up in Waco, but moved about 14 times with her Air Force husband before moving to Houston in the late 1950s.

Her decision to become a doctor came later in life. She was the “increasingly bored wife and mother” to her second husband, a patent attorney, when she decided to enroll in UH, where she earned a bachelor’s of fine arts in 1977, followed by her master’s in behavioral science in 1979. But it was while White was enrolled in the doctorate program, working toward her PhD in clinical psychology, that the direction of both her career and her life changed dramatically.

Her doctor told her that her cancer had metastasized, but instead of being resigned, White got angry.

White sought treatment at an immunology clinic, became a vegetarian, took supplements and took other steps to get well. She got well and has never looked back since.

“It gave me the sense the body knew how to heal itself if you create the environment,” she said.

In the ’80s White worked with a pioneer in EEG (neuro) feedback, and she became hooked on psycho physiology – the relationship between the mind and body. She founded the Enhancement Institute in Houston, where conditions such as addiction and ADHD were treated not with drugs, but by “retraining the brain” during what she called “a psychic detox.”

“It works on the deep unconscious,” White said of the neurofeedback therapy. “It bypasses the ego to release traumatic material. It’s been wonderful what we’ve been able to do.”

Ann C. Fisher is a freelance writer. She can be reached at

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Unique Mindcare believes you can enjoy your life more fully when your brain and the body are in perfect balance.


Houston’s own Doctor John Demartini, one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development, discusses how peoples’ personal perceptions drive how well they feel.

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Health + Wealth Seminar at Unique Mindcare, Houston TX, 01.09.12 In our ongoing effort to promote enhanced health and wellness, Unique Mindcare Houston, USA presents a series of high-profile seminars designed to make you think better and feel better. Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael teamed up to share new insights on how to awaken your enthusiasm to develop new values and expectations for the new year. Health and Wealth are our partners in the journey of personal transformation. Physical health and well-being are essential motivators for a life free from stress and conflict. Our guests inspired our audience to refine their true potential in the areas of health and personal wealth. Click on the images below to download.

Audience in EES Chamber Mark White Audience in EES Chamber

Doctor Nancy White Doctor Sandra Rose Michael Doctor Sandra Rose Michael

UMC Lobby Doctor John Demartini Doctor John Demartini

EES Display Doctors Demartini, White & Michael


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Doctor Nancy White discusses Unique Mindcare with Scott Cluthe on Positively Incorrect!


Mark White discusses how Unique Mindcare employs a brain/body balance health model to help establish and identify a personal systematic approach to overall health; physically, mentally and emotionally.


Health + Wealth Seminar at Unique Mindcare, Houston TX, 01.09.12


Doctor John Demartini discusses the success of the Secret.


Doctor Sandra Rose Michael and the Energy Enhancement System.


Doctor Nancy White describes how common antidepressants work.


Live an Inspired Life at Unique Mindcare, Houston TX, 08.14.12


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“President Mark White’s work is based on the belief that people want to be happy, effective and successful in their lives.”

“Dr. Nancy White is a pioneer and recognized leader in the field of Applied Neuroscience.”

“An EES Chamber is built around an Energy Enhancement System™ that is a practical application of the phenomenon that physics knows as scalar or zero-point energy.”

“Unique Mindcare employs a functional health model to establish and identify personal systematic approach to overall health physically, mentally and emotionally.”

“Unique Mindcare provides Nexalin Therapy a non-invasive method of balancing your brain by normalizing neurotransmitters so you can feel better, sleep and relax.”

“At Unique Mindcare we use Neurofeedback training to unlock your potential and turn your dreams into reality. All it takes is a healthy brain and body.”


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