At Unique Mind Care we help couples and family members initiate positive changes in their relationship with themselves and others.

Relationships need a lot of attention and hard work to keep them thriving. That’s normal.  When you married your soul mate or experienced the birth of your child you were so excited and thought your happiness would last forever.

Over time life changes people, changes relationships, and changes dreams – often to the point where one day you may wake up and wonder how you got where you are.  Your spouse and kids can be so stressful. Or maybe you can’t have children.  Your partner loses a job or your family loses the dream home. You may argue over sex or money.

You want your happiness back. That’s normal too.

At Unique Mindcare, we can help.  Our therapy uses an approach where we identify our patients as integral parts of an intimate and dynamic relationship system.   We first identify the individual that most reflects the core issues within that system or family and define the roles of the various members of the group and how they relate to that individual. We then counsel all members accordingly to nurture positive behavioral change and development in each to get the family back to where everyone feels it needs to be. We believe involving families in solutions is often beneficial.  We emphasize the love and strength of family relationships as an important factor in positive psychological health.

To that end, we get all family members directly involved in our counseling sessions conducted in a relaxed environment. They benefit from our ability to get them to talk openly with us and with each other in ways that build on the collective strengths and wisdom within the family to help everyone involved heal.