How does this work?

After payment is made for treatment, we will prepare and file all necessary paperwork with your insurance provider and when reimbursement is made, we will issue a check to you for the full amount of the refund from the insurance provider. There is no charge associated with this service. We offer this service to help our clients capture as much coverage and reimbursement as possible.

Associated Reimbursement Codes for Insurance Inquiry

The following codes and description of service are utilized for services at our clinic.

  • The following 4 codes apply to the QEEG Brain Map diagnostic evaluation at UMC
    • 95816     Quantitative EEG
    • 96116     Assessment of Higher Cerebral Function
    • 96102     Psychological Testing / IVA
    • 90791     Diagnostic Evaluation
  • The following codes will apply to the treatments offered at UMC
    • 90834     Psychotherapy
    • 90876     Neurofeedback
    • 90901     Biofeedback
    • 90899     Other Psychiatric Service
    • 90834     Psychotherapy

Our clients pay for our treatment in various ways including cash, credit cards, or checks or Care Credit.

Unique Mindcare is not affiliated with any insurance network; therefore, all charges are considered out-of-network mental health treatment.

For more information regarding our payment solutions and your eligibility for reimbursement from an insurance provider, contact Unique Mind Care today.