Nancy White, Ph.D, LPC, LMFT, AAC, BCN Fellow, QEEG-D
Clinical Counselor


Dr. Nancy White is a pioneer and a recognized leader in the field of Applied Neuroscience. She is Board certified in Neurofeedback, a Diplomate in Quantitative EEG Technology, a member of the Quantitative EEG Certification Board and a Consulting Editor of the Journal of Neurotherapy. She is Past President of the International Society for Research and Neurofeedback and has served on that Association’s Board in a number of other capacities.

Dr. White has seen her research published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including The Journal of Mind Technology, The Journal of Neurotherapy and the Journal of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (in press). She is also a contributing author to two college-level textbooks. She is a frequent speaker at professional conferences internationally and has conducted workshops and training for other healthcare professionals both in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. White holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Behavioral Science, and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Magna cum Laude. She is licensed in the State of Texas as a Psychologist, as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and as an Advanced Addictions Counselor (AAC). She is an Art Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist, honored as a Clinical Fellow in the Academy of Clinical Sexologists.

Dorothy Merritt, MD
Medical Counselor


Doctor Dorothy Merritt has been practicing Internal Medicine in the Houston/Galveston area for over 24 years. She performed her specialty training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Dr. Merritt is currently Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has previously been certified in Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine. She has trained extensively in heavy metal toxicity at the American College for Advancement in Medicine and completed comprehensive training in Environmental Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with Walter Crinnion, ND.

She is the Medical Director of Unique Mindcare with Dr. Nancy White in Houston. In March of 2011 Dr. Merritt added Unique Mindcare’s protocols to her own clinic, Southwest Wellness Solutions in the Clearlake area. She is currently pursuing certifications in QEEG and Neurotherapy. She is also working on nutritional genetic testing to treat chronic medical problems naturally. Additional services in Nutritional Therapy, Chelation and Genetic testing are offered at all of Dr. Merritt’s clinics including Unique Mindcare.

Dr. Merritt and the staff at Unique Mindcare have spent the last 2 years developing protocols that utilize testing and scanning of the whole body and brain. Her belief is that we have developed a true understanding of how to approach “mind-body wellness”. Her traditional allopathic medical background and training in Naturopathic Medicine has completed the approach to the brain and body health model at Unique Mindcare.ted to personal growth and development.

Leonard Richards, Th.D

Doctor Leonard Richards is an established member of the Unique Mindcare team. He has over thirty years’ experience in business and over ten years’ experience in counseling. He has dedicated a large part of his counseling efforts in the areas of substance abuse and the transitional issues of life without anxiety disorders.

Doctor Richards earned his Doctorate in Theology. He trained with Doctor Eugene Peniston and Doctor Nancy White in the application of alpha-theta neurofeedback therapy for addictions, trauma, and mood disorders. Doctor Richards has written extensively on subjects related to personal growth and development.