Have feelings of sadness and helplessness kept you from functioning normally in your life? Do you feel like your life has been stolen from you? Do you deal with extreme mood swings and can’t seem to control your feelings? If so, you may be living with depression. 


This mood disorder can be crippling as it can overtake your everyday life and make it seem like there is no escape. While depression can have a number of causes, we believe the key to hope is identifying and treating the causes of your sadness — not just the symptoms of depression. Depression can be treated by drug-free options through realizing that so much of our emotional health lies within the health of our brains. 


Depression can have a number of causes, including challenging or unimaginable life events. Chronic imbalances in the brain’s chemical and electrical systems can also be a major cause of depression and can adversely affect the way you think and feel. While antidepressant medications can be used to reduce symptoms, they are generally regarded as a short term remedy until other, cause-related therapies take effect. In other words, they don’t address the cause of your depression. 


But you deserve better care. You deserve to feel whole again, to conquer your feelings of sadness and lost interest. 


You are more than your symptoms, and our promise to you is that we never treat just the symptoms of a condition. Symptoms provide clues to aspects of your brain/body system that may be causing the problems or preventing any recovery, and our drug-free approach to depression treatment starts by identifying not only your symptoms but also the major imbalances in your brain/body system that may be pointed up by those symptoms.


What does depression treatment look like?


Our approach to improved health is based on the idea that so much of our symptoms can be treated by treating the brain:


  1. Functional Health Assessment Questionnaire – FAQ
  2. Lab tests
  3. QEEG-based Brain Map
  4. Nexalin Technology
  5. Neurofeedback
  6. Psychotherapy
  7. Nutritional Supplements and enzymes
  8. Complete physical by our medical doctor
  9. Recommendations for further support


You don’t have to live with depression forever. You don’t have to live with your feelings of sadness and darkness. There is hope beyond your medication and your feelings, and it all starts in the brain. 

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