The symptoms of ADHD are generally well-known: they tend to group around inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. ADHD and ADD in children are characterized by identifiable variations in brain wave patterns that result in ADD behaviors. However, most children are diagnosed on the basis of behavior alone, which presents the problem of distinguishing ADD behavior from that of a highly active or very creative normal child. Whatever the situation may be, it frequently leads to a medication prescription from your local Doctor.

Most children will exhibit one or two of the symptoms listed below as part of their normal personality. If your child repeatedly exhibits a significant number of these behaviors that interferes with his or her ability to function well at home, in school or in social settings, then it would be appropriate to have your child evaluated with a Brain Map. The map will identify underlying functional issues in the brain that can be treated without medication.

Symptoms generally associated with ADHD:

  • Difficulty organizing or completing tasks
  • Unable to follow simple directions
  • Habitually makes careless mistakes
  • Is forgetful about daily activities
  • Tends to avoid activities that require sustained focus
  • Often loses things, including personal items
  • Frequently daydreams when there’s work to do
  • Often squirms, fidgets, or bounces when sitting
  • Has difficulty sitting still for long periods
  • Talks excessively and talks over others
  • Shows impulsive, risk-taking behavior
  • Has difficulty waiting for his or her turn
  • Blurts out answers before the question has been completed
  • Often interrupts others

Unique Mind Care offers drug-free treatments for ADD and ADHD

At Unique Mind Care we realize that certain situations with our children need immediate attention, as a result we find ourselves relying on medication to support focus, attention and calm behavior in a classroom setting. While medication sometimes may be required as a short-term intervention, research suggests that long-term treatment of ADHD with medication can have a health impact later in life. We encourage all of our clients to investigate all diagnostic tools and treatment tools when it comes to long-term care for our children.

Unique Mindcare’s approach begins by understanding your child’s specific situation with an interview of the parents and the child. We then perform a complete brain map to identify areas of the brain that are causing the reported symptoms. Additional auditory and visual testing are performed. In some cases, we will also investigate any physiological, dietary or emotional factors. After we have gathered all of the information from our interviews, brain maps and auditory / visual testing, we will prepare a complete report for presentation to the parents and child if warranted by age and maturity.


Treating ADHD with Neurofeedback and Nexalin

After testing and diagnosis, we will develop a personalized program based on the results of our testing. Our model is based on resetting and retraining areas of the brain to a healthy state of function. Another way of explaining our approach is that we restore brain function and health. Our treatments are all science-based and FDA-cleared. We use a combination of treatments including Neurofeedback, Nexalin and functional health testing in the brain-body system.

A treatment plan for your child at Unique Mindcare will explore the following protocols, most of which are detailed elsewhere on this website.

  • Functional Health Assessment Questionnaire
  • Specific laboratory tests
  • QEEG functional Brain Map
  • Nexalin Advanced Technology
  • Neurofeedback
  • Therapy and Counseling (if necessary)
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Supplements and Enzymes

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