QEEG commonly referred to as “Brain Mapping”, measures electrical activity of the brain. Brain Mapping offers a complete evaluation of the functional health of the brain. The primary purpose of the map is to identify areas of the brain that are either high or low in activity. The mapping process answers questions that probably have never been answered when it comes to understanding the cause of issues ranging from ADD to extreme mental illness. Brain Maps allow our staff to observe how areas of the brain process information. It also enables us to see what parts of the brain are functioning correctly in a variety of tasks that are administered during the test.

brain map2

The Importance of Brain Mapping at Unique Mindcare

Brain maps are important aids in our patient evaluation process. Mapping provides us with the necessary information to design all Neurofeedback training protocols. Brain Maps are also offered during treatment to allow our staff to demonstrate the brain’s response and the effectiveness of treatment to the client. The map will also help us accurately identify certain brain structure abnormalities. Once we know where to focus our attention, we can then define and develop effective treatment solutions.

The mapping process requires 2 appointments. The first is called the acquisition phase where we acquire all of the raw data. After data acquisition our staff will artifact and analyze the data in house with a life span database containing brainwave patterns of normal individuals the same age and gender as the patient.  Based on the results of this analysis, a detailed report or Brain Map will be generated for the client. It is important to understand that the Brain Map provides the client with a clear understanding of the functional issues in the brain associated with the reported conditions. This report will also include the results of all auditory and visual testing performed during the initial acquisition appointment. Your second appointment is a 90 minute consultation where the report is presented by our Doctor to the client.

How is the Brain Map performed?

We place a cap with multiple sensors on your head to perform an acquisition of the electrical EEG activity of the brain. The data is gathered and then stored in our database for artifact and future interpretation. Our clinicians will gather 3-5 minutes of raw data in an “open eye” and “closed eye” scenario.

brain map3

A Weather Map for Your Head

The images shown are actual measurements of brain activity in patients. The top of the round images represents the front of the brain, with the view being toward the top of the head. A complete Brain Map report will consist of approximately 35 pages of various frequency assessments of the individual’s brain.