How does your brain work?

This is the question that drives our entire mission as we seek to provide natural solutions to the brain health of our clients. We know that your brain functions on the balance of its two systems: one chemical and one electrical. These systems are also referred to as the EEG (the electrical) and Neurotransmitter (the chemical) systems. 

But in order for your brain to function and process information effectively and efficiently, these two systems must work together. When either of these two systems is out of balance, you will start to experience negative mental or physical symptoms in your daily life, forcing you to seek help to restore health, wellbeing and the quality of life you enjoyed before the symptoms affect your life.

Brain Health

Unique Mind Care Treats both the EEG and the Neurotransmitters.

In order to be effective in treating all of the conditions associated with brain health, we believe it is important to test and treat both systems at the same time. The relationship between these two systems is “co-dependent”. Another way to think of this is that an imbalance in one will lead to a correlating imbalance in the other. For our clients to have long-term success in treatment, we prioritize a clear understanding of all the underlying causes during the testing and diagnostic phase. 

What We Believe About Medication and the Brain

When it comes to the medication model for ourselves and our children, we begin by helping all of our clients understand that they do have other options. There are drug-free options available for brain and mental health issues. Before a final decision is made on medication, we believe that a clear understanding of the underlying cause needs to be identified with accurate testing. After testing, we educate our clients in our drug-free treatment model and how it will address the issues in the brain that may be causing the challenges.

Treat the Symptom or the Cause?

Most medication is treating the symptom, not the cause. When you stop taking the medication, frequently the original condition will return. Here, all of our treatment plans are designed to address the underlying cause and offer holistic, effective, long-lasting results to you, our client. 

Not just treatment that masks the symptoms. Treatment that actually works. 

All treatments have been cleared by the FDA and safe for treatments.

There is hope that you can minimize and manage the symptoms of your diagnosis through a drug-free treatment.

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