Understanding the Brain’s relationship to the body is key when treating health issues associated with the brain. At Unique Mind Care, we believe that both systems in the brain; electrical and neurotransmitter need to be tested and treated to ensure clinical success. After years of research on the brain-body connection, we have created a functional health tests protocol to identify issues in the body that can affect the natural chemical balance of the neurotransmitter system in the brain. Since most neurotransmitters travel through the gut, we always investigate issues or imbalances in the intestinal area. Frequently issues in this area will aggravate symptoms and prolong recovery.

Additional focus is also placed on other health systems in the body that can contribute to imbalances in the brain. After testing is completed, various recommendations on supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes are encouraged.

  • Recommended Testing at Unique Mind Care:
  • Neurotransmitter – chemical system in the brain
  • Micronutrients – cellular health
  • Food Sensitivity – reduces inflammation in the gut
  • Adrenals – cortisol evaluation
  • MTHFR – Methyl Folate evaluation
  • Heavy Metals