There are many different kinds of stress and anxiety disorders that are sometimes situational, and sometimes a source of constant fear and concern. Unfortunately most treatment for anxiety disorders utilize pharmaceutical medication.

What we believe about medication treatment for Anxiety.

At Unique Mind Care, we believe every situation that involves anxiety should be thoroughly investigated to understand the underlying cause prior to making a decision about medication. While medication may be required as a short-term intervention, research suggests that long-term treatment of anxiety with medication can lead to dependency. We encourage all of our clients to investigate all diagnostic tools and treatment tools when it comes to long term anxiety treatment.

At Unique Mind Care we specialize in understanding and determining the underlying cause of the anxiety. Our testing protocol begins with a brain map of the EEG in the brain and then a neurotransmitter assessment. We believe that the underlying cause of the anxiety will be the result of an imbalance in one or both of these primary systems in the brain. In some cases, we will also investigate any physiological, dietary or emotional factors. When our clients begin to understand the underlying causes of anxiety are usually associated with a chemical and electrical imbalance in the brain, they will begin to understand why our drug-free approach makes sense.

Effective Drug-Free Treatment for Anxiety

After testing and diagnosis, we will design a personalized treatment program based on the results of our testing. Our model is based on resetting and retraining areas of the brain to a healthy state of function. Another way of explaining our approach is that we restore brain function and health. Our treatments are all science-based and FDA-cleared. We use a combination of treatments including Neurofeedback, Nexalin and functional health testing in the brain-body system. This process will reduce or eliminate the anxiety disorder without any unpleasant side effects or dependency issues and is long lasting.

Brain tumor ( Film CT-scan of brain : show part of brain with tumor )

Med Management Programs

Some clients are comfortable with the use of medication and only want to reduce the number of prescriptions or lower the dose of their primary medication. We can create a drug-free treatment model or we can work with clients to reduce their meds (requires medical supervision); we call this option “med management”.

A testing and treatment plan for anxiety at Unique Mindcare will explore the following protocols, most of which are detailed elsewhere on this website.

  • Nexalin Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Coaching or Counseling (if necessary)
  • Health Testing
  • Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Digestive (Gut) system health and balance
  • Functional Health Assessment Questionnaire
  • QEEG functional Brain Map
  • Supplements and Enzymes

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