If you're having trouble falling asleep at night or staying awake during the day you may be suffering from insomnia or a sleep apnea disorder.

At Unique Mindcare we have treatments to help you.


UMC-Adult-InsomniaDrug-Free Treatment for Insomnia

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, staying asleep, or staying awake during the day, you might be suffering from insomnia. Unique Mind Care has drug-free treatments that can help you.
Insomnia can be linked to stress, anxiety, depression or other life or lifestyle issues that tend to upset the normal cycles of your brain/body system.


How We Make a Difference

Our drug-free treatment for insomnia focuses on identifying both the physical and emotional reasons why you aren’t sleeping well. We call this “causal” treatment. Through safe and non-invasive brain/body system testing, we can pinpoint the cause, or causes, of your insomnia and then create a personal treatment plan to address your specific issues. The assessment and treatment protocols may include:

1. Functional Health Assessment Questionnaire – FAQ
2. Lab tests
3. QEEG-based Brain Map
4. Nexalin Technology
5. Neurofeedback
6. Psychotherapy
7. Nutritional analysis
8. Supplements and Enzymes
9. Physical evaluation and recommendations

Our treatments at the causal level along with your lifestyle and behavior adjustments support a successful return to normal, sound sleep patterns.

Contact Unique Mindcare in Houston today or call us at 713.660.1100 and learn more about how we can help you overcome insomnia without drugs!


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