Are you, or someone you love, struggling with focus and attention issues at work? The inability to focus may have nothing to do with distractions and may have everything to do with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). This brain disorder has nothing to do with a lack of intelligence or talent, either, but rather is a condition in which the brain works against us in ways that can keep traits like attention and focus from being fully available when we need them.

The label we stick on this lack of focus is not important. What matters is recognizing that many adults are not functioning at their highest level, and this is disrupting their employment, their families, and their relationships. It’s affecting their quality of life and they are desperate to find help.

There is help beyond automatic, routine medication. There is hope that natural methods can help retrain the brain to function in a healthier manner.

How can I tell if this is me?

Individuals with adult ADD may experience the following:

  • Tends to disrupt a person’s life and the lives of those around them
  • Negatively impacted social life and job performance;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Depression, anxiety or vague disappointment with oneself and life.

What does adult ADD treatment look like?

Unique Mindcare approaches adult ADD and other related conditions from a holistic brain health perspective. By working in tandem with your doctor, we can create a treatment model to reduce your medication load naturally, or we can create a drug-free plan depending on your unique needs and responses to treatment.

But above all, effective treatment usually includes a combination of natural, brain health therapies with the goal of restoring balance in the brain and renewing the way you can life your life:

  • Functional Assessment Questionnaire (FAQ) a profile of health systems and symptoms
  • Specific lab tests based on symptoms and FAQ diagnosis
  • QEEG functional Brain Map
  • Nexalin Technology to support neurochemical balance in the brain
  • Neurofeedback – trains the brain to function at optimal levels
  • Coaching  – to address personal and professional issues
  • Nutritional analysis and food sensitivity testing
  • Supplements and Enzymes to support lasting outcome

Regardless of your situation, you can depend on a personalized treatment protocol to identify and resolve all of the underlying causes of your brain health struggles. Are you ready to take the next step?