Unique Mind Care is Houston’s premier brain health center; specializing in Adult ADD treatment without drugs or medications

ADD, is generally considered a condition found in children. Over the years the Unique Mind Care staff has started treating adults with focus and attention issues. Whether or not it is ADD is not important. What is important is that many of these adult clients are not functioning or performing at their highest level. This challenge can lead to disruptions in their employment or issues in their family and primary relationships. Our treatment model begins with a complete diagnostic evaluation for all adult clients. This process will frequently answer questions that have been asked many times without any answer. We call these questions the “why’s and why not’s” that pertain to coping with daily life issues. Our brain map diagnostic service will identify the areas in the brain that are not functioning in a balanced and healthy way. The result of these imbalances will frequently correlate with similar symptoms of adult ADD and other issues outlined below:  

  • Tends to disrupt a person’s life and the lives of those around them;
  • Can negatively impact social life and job performance;
  • Eats away at self-esteem;
  • Can manifest as depression, anxiety or vague disappointment with oneself and life.

Adult ADD or inability to focus has nothing to do with intelligence or talent. It is a condition in which the brain works in ways that can keep these traits from being fully available.

In our in-house brain mapping process, attention and focus issues will generally be identified as too much slow wave activity in areas of the brain associated with focus. In other cases, there may be too much fast wave activity which creates distractibility and agitation, also known as anxiety. Whatever the situation is, the team at Unique Mind Care will design a personalized treatment protocol using our brain-based treatment model to resolve all of the underlying causes of the client’s situation.

Adult ADD Treatment Options

Unique Mindcare approaches adult ADD and other related conditions from a brain health perspective. We can create a drug-free treatment model or we can work with clients to reduce their meds (requires medical supervision), we call this option “med management”.

An effective treatment program is likely to involve a combination of therapies, including many of the following:

  • Functional Assessment Questionnaire (FAQ) a profile of health systems and symptoms
  • Specific lab tests based on symptoms and FAQ diagnosis
  • QEEG functional Brain Map
  • Nexalin Technology to support neurochemical balance in the brain
  • Neurofeedback – trains the brain to function at optimal levels
  • Coaching  – to address personal and professional issues
  • Nutritional analysis and food sensitivity testing
  • Supplements and Enzymes to support lasting outcome