Overcome challenges, gain better perspectives and assertively live “life on life’s terms.”

We begin by establishing a clear prespective on the events that are occuring in our clients lives. Sometimes these are old negative circumstances, or new exciting possibilities.

Unique Mindcare doctors and trained clinicians have over 30 years experience in "Life Counseling" programs designed to address all issues with a "holistic system" approach. This approach is designed to heal all issues that are in the "causal model".  Our counseling and coaching programs are designed to balance the physical, emotional and mental areas of life. Our unique processes create positive outcomes in all aspects of life without medication, so that you can feel your best at all times. If you are looking for a quiet counseling session or need to address a major life challenge, our programs will help you and your family members manage everyday life successfully.


At Unique Mindcare we focus on helping you think better
so you can feel better.

We counsel you and your loved ones in methods to unlock the potential for a better life.  We believe people of all ages deserve to feel great about themselves and feel good about their relationships. To that end, we are able to combine the positive power of traditional psychology with leading edge technology to promote a balanced life with endless positive outcomes. Our psychologists are experienced in counseling you, your spouse or partner, and your children on how to enjoy life and embrace it daily.