overcome anxiety

Last week, I had an anxiety attack in the middle of the work day. Beyond not being able to breathe, it was absolutely embarrassing to explain to my co-workers why I was in the utility closet crying.

Now that I’ve had a chance to regroup and get my thoughts together, I’m reminded of a few tips that my therapist suggested to control my anxiety in the workplace. Read on for some tangible tips of how to implement self-care in the workplace and combat anxiety.

1. Get Some Fresh Flowers

If you’re in a creative funk at work, flowers will definitely help.

Bright pink or orange orchids give off energy of passion, creativity, and joy, while white orchids give off the energy of clarity, calmness, and peace. Tulips are actually my favorite, but if I’m ever feeling overly jittery, I’ll go for orchids. Also, pay attention to the color of the pot that you plant your orchids in!

2. Change Your Wallpaper

According to The NY Post, Americans check our phones roughly 80 times a day, which is crazy! Each time we check our phones, we see our wallpapers. What images are you constantly viewing on and off of your phone?

Another way to ease your anxiety is to hang your favorite art prints around your desk space or even your bedroom (for the “work from home” crew).

3. Keep Fresh Fruit Around 

6. Hydrate

Pretty self-explanatory. Water cures everything. But seriously, water is nature’s great gift to us.

If you really want to beat anxiety, tie this one in with number 3. Adding lemons or berries to your water helps with flavor and gives your extra nutrients to keep yourself balanced. If you’re feeling anxious before a big presentation or meeting, add lemons to room temperature water to calm your nerves. If you don’t have a water bottle with a fruit diffuser in it, here’s a quick hack: add all-natural lemon juice to your water. It’ll have the same effects and may be easier to deal with at work!