Harnessing Scalar Energy to Optimize Well-Being

Experts explain the function and performance of Unique Mindcare’s EES Chamber
for ‘Pulse On America’ featured on CNN’s ‘Final Segment’.

Experience a program that can improve your well-being and accelerate your personal growth. Enter an environment that provides a therapeutic energy field which has been shown not only to help balance your body’s functions, but to provide anti-aging effects, elevate mood and increase energy levels.




What It Is

The Chamber is built around an Energy Enhancement System™ that is quite simply a practical application of the phenomenon that physics knows as scalar, or zero-point, energy. The identification and description of zero-point energy has engaged the effort of many scientists from the mid-nineteenth century forward, most notably that of Nicola Tesla – a genius ahead of histime – early in the twentieth century.

Among other things, Tesla invented the alternating current (AC) induction motor that underlies today’s vast electrical power system. Although powerful financial and industrial interests of his era quashed some of his most far-reaching inventions, including a proposed means of tapping the zero-point field for unlimited, nearly free energy, his research has stood the test of time.In the 1960’s scientists began experimenting with the equivalent of zero-point fields in the laboratory and a few began research on the field’s effects on biological systems. Priore conducted experiments in France during the 1960’s and early 1970’s, funded by the French government and later published in the scientific literature, showing that exposure to the field reversed the course of diseases, some considered terminal, in small animals. Rein has surveyed the literature on the effects of zero-point energy on biological systems and his published paper offers a positive, hopeful conclusion.Since we are behavioral health practitioners and not physicians we focus on the beneficial effects an approximation of the zero-point field can have on mental and emotional well-being and brain function. 


How It Works

The Energy Enhancement System™ uses opposing banks of specially configured computers precisely aligned to collapse the electrical and magnetic frequencies they emit toward each other into a standing wave. This is known to physicists as “destructive interference.” Emitted frequencies include the earth’s magnetic frequency of 7-9 hertz (the Schumann Resonance) and the rainforest frequency of 13-14 hertz.. These collapsed frequencies don’t just disappear; they create freestanding longitudinal waves, or scalar waves, of similar frequencies that are alive with checked and balanced energies known as a zero-point energy field.


What It Can Do For You 

In this field the human mind/body system is largely free of disruptive environmental electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and extreme low frequencies (ELF) that interfere with its own electromagnetic field, enabling each cell of the body, as Dr. Marcial-Vega says, to move toward its natural, healthy frequency range. Recent advances in cellular biology indicate that the human body is indeed surrounded and interpenetrated with its individual electromagnetic field and that certain sensors on our cells’ membranes respond to that field (Lipton, 1999).When we are far away from the chaotic electromagnetic pollution of cities, industrial sites and nearby highly populated areas; when we leave stress behind, our mind/body systems can resonate comfortably with the earth’s own resonances. Then we can think more clearly, revisit the vision we have for our lives and regain our balance.Most of the time, however, we work and live not just with the stresses of everyday life and the demands of our work and our various relationships, but also with a multitude of electromagnetic frequencies that resonate at odds with our own mind/body system. All this works to throw us out of balance. In this state we may become more susceptible to illness, disease and injury; we may build up toxins both mental and physical, heal less rapidly and feel more fatigued. In the Energy Enhancement Chamber’s equivalent of zero-point energy you can offset these stresses and their effects, begin to regenerate the cells in the body.