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1 01, 2019

Study Shows Meditation Can Reduce Anxiety

By | January 1st, 2019|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Mindfulness meditation programs have shown promise for the treatment of anxiety, one of [...]

25 12, 2018

Anxiety over Insomnia May be Worse than Poor Sleep

By | December 25th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Individuals who are convinced that they are insomniacs are at greater risk of fatigue, [...]

18 12, 2018

Dealing with a Panic Disorder

By | December 18th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Do you experience sudden attacks of anxiety, fear, and panic? Perhaps your heart [...]

13 12, 2018

Anxiety and Depression May Increase Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke

By | December 13th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Adults ages 45 or older who experience psychological distress such as depression and [...]

11 12, 2018

What causes Hyperventilation?

By | December 11th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Hyperventilation is fast breathing. In some cases, people who hyperventilate may breath deeper [...]

4 12, 2018

Understanding Anxiety

By | December 4th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Anxiety is a normal and often healthy emotion. However, when a person regularly [...]

8 11, 2018

6 Ways To Overcome Anxiety In The Workplace

By | November 8th, 2018|Anxiety Blog, Social Anxiety|0 Comments

Last week, I had an anxiety attack in the middle of the work [...]

18 10, 2018

5 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

By | October 18th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

MARLA GENOVA HAD resigned herself to a career in dry cleaning. The then-teenager couldn't [...]

20 09, 2018

Effects of anxiety on the body

By | September 20th, 2018|Anxiety Blog|0 Comments

Originally found on Anxiety can have a significant effect on the body, and [...]

11 09, 2018

12 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

By | September 11th, 2018|ADHD Blog, Anxiety Blog, Depression Blog, Insomnia Blog, neurofeedback, PTSD, Stress, Unique Mindcare Blog|0 Comments

Originally found on Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes [...]