You may be suffering from an anxiety disorder if you experience panic attacks or symptoms such as severe mood swings.

Anxiety is a human emotion that everyone experiences at times. When Anxiety becomes a constant worry, we recommend testing for the underlying cause and then design a drug free treatment plan. - Treat Anxiety and Depression Without Drugs! Dr. Nancy White talks about some new techniques that have shown promise in treating anxiety and its relationship to ADD and ADHD.
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Treating Anxiety and Depression Without Drugs

There are many different kinds of stress and anxiety disorders, treating anxiety disorders can be challenging especially when the case is extreme.Sometimes, medical assistance is required, the problem is the side effects associated the medications they use. At Unique Mind Care we utilize a drug free anxiety treatment model.

Prior to treating a stress and anxiety condition, you need to know the underlying cause of the condition. There are many different elements associated with a stress and anxiety disorder that are not the underlying cause. At Unique Mind Care we begin by understanding and then explaining to our clients what the underlying cause of the condition is. In other words, we may answer questions that have not been answered in previous appointments with Medical professionals.

Since removing stress and anxious moments in one’s life is nearly impossible, the focus needs to be on the health of the client’s brain/body system. When our clients begin to understand the underlying causes of Anxiety are usually associated with a chemical and electrical imbalance in the brain, they will begin to understand why our drug free approach makes sense.

The Future of Anxiety Treatment is in the Brain


An Effective Drug-Free Treatment for Anxiety

Remember that anxiety can undermine self-confidence and self-esteem. One needs self-confidence and self-esteemto live a successful life. Unique Mind Care offers a safe and highly effective drug-free treatment choice for clients in Houston struggling with anxiety disorders or anxiety attacks.

We always assess the physical, mental and emotional areas before we design our treatment plans. Our well-trained and experienced professionals will also conduct an EEG brain maptest of brain function, then sit down with you to share what they have found.

Through our safe and non-invasive evaluation of your brain/body system, we can identify chemical and electrical imbalances in the brain, that may be contributing to your condition.This helps us create a personalized treatment program to address your specific needs. The assessment and treatment protocols draw from the following modalities:

  • Nexalin Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Life Coaching
  • Functional Health Testing
  • Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Digestive (Gut) system health and balance

Contact Unique Mind Care in Houston today or call us at 713.660.1100 to learn more about our drug-free treatments for anxiety.

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